Colon & rectal surgical 3.5x headlight medical headlamp examination


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USES OF MAJOR CATEGORIES COLON & RECTAL SURGICAL HEADLIGHT HEADBAND WITH LOUPE 3.5X MAGNIFICATION LED WIRELESS HIGH ILLUMINATION general surgical lights, orthopedic lights, and radiolucent imaging lights. General surgical lights are used in a wide variety of surgical procedures like Operating surgical lights used in Wider field of surgery Topics: USES APPLICATION : General surgery , Cardiothoracic surgery , Neurosurgeon surgery , Oral and maxillofacial surgery , Obstetric and gynecological surgery , Otolaryngology surgery , Ophthalmic surgery , Oculoplastic surgery , Pediatric surgery , Plastic surgery , Colon and rectal surgery , Orthopedic surgery , Trauma surgery , Urological surgery , Vascular surgery , Bariatric surgery , Podiatric surgery , Orthopedic hand surgery , Transplant surgery , Endocrine surgery , VET surgery , cardiovascular, Pediatric, Abdominal surgery Abdominoplasty , Acromioplasty , Adenoidectomy, Angioplasty , Arthroplasty , Arthroscopy , Bilateral cingulotomy , Biopsy , Breast biopsy , Cauterization, Cesarean section, Cholecystectomy, Circumcision, Clitoridectomy Colon resection, Colostomy Commissurotomy, Cordotomy, Corneal transplantation, Cricothyrotomy, Discectomy, Diverticulectomy, Episiotomy Endarterectomy , .Endoscopic , thoracic sympathectomy , Foreskin restoration , Fundectomy , Gastrectomy. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Light Source Type LED (10W) Illumination Range 55,000 LUX Light Colour White Colour Temperature typ. 5,500 K Light field diameter at a 200-400mm 30-50mm Working Distance 250-350mm Nominal Voltage 3-7V DC Nominal Current max. 600Ma Power Supply 110-220 V sBattery Run-time 3.5 hours Battery Charing time 1 hour Weight Approx 310 g Packing Handheld bag Terms & Conditions: INVOICING TERMS We will provide:- Commercial Invoice (as per the listing price) and Packing List shall be provided along with the Parcel. Note: *Low value Invoicing shall not be done. CUSTOM DUTY Import Duty & Taxes at the Destination (if any), shall be paid by the Buyer. KINDLY CHECK IN ADVANCE, TO AVOID ANY PROBLEM. If you are a Company, please check all the required documents for Import with you. SHIPPING DETAILS Product Will Be Shipped Through “FEDEX/DHL/TNT/UPS/REGISTERED/EXPRESS POST” We hereby request the Buyer, to Provide CORRECT & COMPLETE Shipping Address, along with the Working Telephone Numbers, for the sharp delivery the Parcel on time.

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