Ergo TTL Prismatic Loupes dental loupes surgical loupes 3.5X


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ModelCustom-made TTL
ProductMagnifying Loupe
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Intended Use/DisciplineAnesthesiology
Biological Laboratory
Dental Laboratory
General Surgery
Medical Laboratory

New Design Custom-made TTL Ergo Prismatic Loupes 3.5X Titanium FramesWorldwide shipping charge Freecustom-made TTL style, Prismatic optics system, Angle Conversion Design, lightweight, large view of files, and deeper depth of view design. Protect the surgeon’s neck and back. • New Design Ergo TTL Prismatic loupes working distance is larger working distance covered range 280mm- 600mm. choosing the working distance S:280mm-380mm; R: 360mm-460mm; L: 440mm-540mm; XL: 500mm-600mm for • Near Pupil distance is very important for custom-made loupes, so, when you order, please choose the correct near pupil distance, if you have no near pupil distance data, you can measure your Near Pupil distance via the App “PDCHECK AR”• This new custom-made Ergo TTL loupes can be mounted prescription lens (Rx lens), that will mount prescription lens (RX lens) on loupes Barrels and loupes frames. Cylinder Power prescription lenses are also acceptable. • If you need to mount Prescription lenses, please leave your prescription lens data. mounting prescription lens will be add some Charge. TTL through the lens style Ergo Prismatic Loupes, Titanium frames.Easy using, high quality, custom-made loupes, don’t need to adjust anymore, super lightweight, Custom-made TTL (through the lens ) Ergo Prismatic medical loupes are widely used in dentistry, hygiene, surgery Department of Stomatology, ENT department, general surgery, cervical spine Department of Neurosurgery, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, cosmetology and plastic surgery, pet hospital and other medical fields. It is a necessary magnifier glass for doctors in fine examination and treatment or operation, which will be much better using the TTL loupes with LED headlamps. Careoptik Ergo TTL Prismatic Dental Surgical Loupes Features:Ergo TTL loupes is custom-made loupes. The loupe’s barrel is an angle-conversion Design, loupes Barrels go through the frame’s lens, which is super light and offers a wider field of view, They are mounted according to the buyer’s pupil distance, and don’t need to adjust anymore when the buyer uses it.Careoptik Ergo TTL Prismatic dental loupes surgical loupes binocular magnifier glasses 3.5X/4.5x/5.5x/6.5x are widely used in dentistry, ENT, Ophthalmology, Gynecology, meticulous examination, and general surgery, plastic surgery, hair transplant or pet hospital clinical departments, and are an effective visual aid product. CareOptik Ergo TTL loupes Aluminium-Magnesium Alloy frame using high-quality Titanium material, high elasticity, high strength, long lifetime, and lightweight. The Titanium frame design is suitable for various sizes of heads and faces, comfortable to wear, The lenses are hard treatment PC lenses, have impact resistance, are not easy to scratch, and can effectively protect the user’s eyes. Titanium frames also can be mounted on Prescription lenses (Rx Lens), and loupe barrels can be mounted on prescription lenses (Rx Lens).Mounting Prescription lens : CareOptik Ergo custom-made TTL dental surgical loupes can be mounted with the prescription lenses on loupes barrels and loupes frames, so, if you choose “mount prescription lens” “YES”. we will mount the RX lens on loupes barrels and frames. so the cost is higher than our H series. Cylinder prescription lenses are acceptable. Working Distance:Working distance is the distance from your eyes to objects operated when you are in a normal working position. you can measure the distance from your eyes to the objects operated when you are in a normal position, and then choose the closer one (loupe’s working distance covered a range, new design loupes have a larger depth of view)Pupil Distance: Download the App “PDCHECK AR” From the App Store of your smartphone. and then you can measure your PD easily. Get your near pupil distance, TTL Loupes Packing includes (accessory)•Dental surgical loupes mounting on Frames• Luxury AL case packing • Headband strap• Cleaning cloth • Loupes manualFor Ergo TTL Prismatic loupes, prescription lenses will be mounted in loupes frames and loupes barrels, if you need to mount Prescription lenses (Rx Lens), must choose “mounting prescription lens YES”. And fill in your correct prescription lens data. if you don’t know how to fill the prescription lens data, you can email your Rx Lend checking reports to [email protected] Ergo TTL Prismatic loupes custom-made loupes, need more couple of days to ship out.

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