Repair Service For Orascoptic Discovery Zeon Headlight Only All Versions 6MonWar



This listing is a REPAIR SERVICE!!! It is not an item or an exchange!!! OverviewThis listing is to have your unit repaired at a flat rate cost. Our services are much more extensive than other options. Not only do we find the issues within the circuitry of your equipment, but we also do a general rebuild to add to the reliability. Our Process1.) Purchase our listing2.) We will then send a message via eBay messenger with all of our contact information and shipping instructions 3.) Ship your unit to us at your earliest convenience (Buyer pays for shipping to us and we cover shipping on the way back)4.) We will receive the unit and repair5.) Once repaired, we will ship your unit back to you Shipping InstructionsAfter making your purchase, please ship your unit to Brooks Circuit Specialists683 Walton AveMt Laurel, NJ 08054 In the box, there must be a note with . . . NAMEUSERNAMEPHONEEMAILPROBLEM DESCRIPTION Repair Lead Times A normal repair can be completed within 2-5 BUSINESS days depending on part stock and the type of unit you’re sending in. Lead time begins on the first full day we have your unit. If additional non stock parts are needed, this could increase lead time, especially if parts must be sourced from overseas. Unrepairable UnitsIf the unit is un-repairable, we will gladly refund your repair fee. Contact UsSimple questions can be sent through the ebay messenger. Any contact requiring a phone call and/or more in depth conversation should be done after the purchase of the service. This is because Ebay will not allow us to give any contact info until a purchase has been made. If you purchase our services, talk to us about your issue and change your mind, we would gladly refund you the entire purchase. Warranty InformationOur repairs are guaranteed for 6-12 Months, depending on which product you are repairing. The title of all listings tell the official warranty period. The warranty begins on the day we ship your unit back to you. We are very liberal with our policy. All units are fully covered under our warranty for any defect in our process or premature failure of any kind. However, we do not cover external power surges or abuse of any kind. You will need to pay for shipping to us, and the return shipping will be at our expense. There will be no other charges at all. All customer units are logged in our system with their model and serial number. If these numbers do not match upon return, we cannot honor your warranty. All of the internals of your unit will also be documented and marked prior to shipping back to you. If these markings are missing because of boards being swapped or someone attempting repair, we cannot honor your warranty. Please do not open up or attempt to repair your unit, this will void the warranty.If your warranty claim is not accepted, you can either decide to get the unit repaired again or have it returned at your expense. All warranty claims MUST be shipped back to us for warranty evaluation.

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